Photo Booth Photo Strip Options

Did you know that we 10 photo strip options available for your event? All of them have a modern and minimalist design, are available in two formats and can be customized to feature your names and the date of your event.

Choosing a style that fits your event should be easy, and with all of our options, it will be. Somethings you’ll want to consider when choosing a style is how of course how many photos you want to be included and perhaps the number of guests that will be attending- the more photos included the longer the line for the photo booth could get 😋. Another thing to think about is how the photos will fit into your photo booth album- side by side, number on a page, etc.- we think this is a case where more is less, but ultimately that’s your call.


Style No. 1  Includes 2 photos.

Style No. 2 Includes 2 photos.

Style No. 3 Includes 2- 3 photos

Style No. 4 Includes 3 photos

Style No. 5 Includes 1-4 photos

Style No. 6 Includes 3 photos

Style No. 7 Includes 3 photos

Style No. 8 Includes 2-4 photos

Style No. 9 Includes 3 photos

Style No. 10 Includes 3 photos

What are your thoughts on the options? Do you have questions we can answer about customization? Want to chat about our albums? Please let us know below.

To view all our photobooth photo strip options click here.



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