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So, this is it– our FIRST official blog post!!

There’s so much that we want to say, it’s hard to know where to start.  Start at the beginning, one would say.  But there’s TWO beginnings one just as dependent on the other yet totally separate and complete on their own.

So, here it goes–

Captured all started (this is the beginning, beginning, by the way) when 4 friends got together and decided to start a photo booth company.  They built two custom enclosed photo booths and took Temecula by storm.

A few years later, they were ready to let go of Captured and we (this is the second beginning, by the way) couldn’t see it go.  We LOVED everything about Captured.  We loved the style, the concept and the potential it had to be so much more.  So, we asked to purchase the company from said 4 friends and they said, YES!

This is where it gets good… we took over the company (in December 2016 to be exact) and completely re-branded everything.  The logo, the website– all new.  Now, if you have ever had to design a logo or website you know what a process that can be.  Then add the fact that we are a partnership of two with complete opposite personalities and you have month long debates about the shape of the letter “C” (totally wish we were joking– but if you knew how long it took to perfect the new “C” you would probably think we were crazy).

But the biggest change of all came in the addition our our new open concept photo booth.  Having a background in styling in our photography brand we immediately infused our styling into the Captured brand.  For those of you that don’t know what styling is— it is the art of setting up scenes to be used in photography.  Think of them like movie sets that you can customize to match your style  & event.  Most commonly used are couch set-ups with accent pieces and accessories but the sky is the limit when it comes to styled scenes.

Next, came the props and backdrops.  Those all had to be designed from the ground up to match the brand we were creating.  This has been by far our favorite part.  Turning our conceptual designs for our backdrops and custom props into real tangible products has been a bit surreal.  There’s something about drawing something in a sketchpad to holding it in your hand that is just– exciting.

So, stick around for a bit and check out all we have going on– cause its a lot and we are not doing any of it any justice in this post.



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