The Original “Guest Experience”

“Guest Experience” has become a bit of buzz term in the wedding industry with more and more couples looking for a way to amp up the fun and interactive elements to their wedding day. We hear from couples all the time that they want their guests to walk away from the night and feel like they’ve attended the best party ever… So what is a “guest experience” well… it’s what you do for them and how it impacts their feelings about your wedding after they’ve left.

With everyone’s eye on “guest experience”, we have ve seen the addition of late-night food trucks, craft cocktails (mixologist included), champagne walls, bounce houses, live art… the list goes on. But with all the “trends” coming to light, there’s one tried and true interactive guest experience that everyone still loves, the photo booth. Photo booths starting making the rounds at weddings in the early 2000s and have been a wedding staple ever since.

That’s right, the photo booth is the original interactive experience element that your guests will truly miss if it’s not included. Who hasn’t gone home from a great wedding and fawned over their photo booth pictures, remembering the funny moments spent with friends behind the camera. Wedding photo booths add a fun, whimsical touch to your big day. They combine a unique activity with a keepsake favor and are part of a great atmosphere. They help to create fun images that capture the feeling of your wedding in an effortless way. And are a great way for guests to record the fun they are having.

We’d love to hear about the experiences you are most looking forward to sharing with your guests below, be sure to share.

by Alexis Sanabria

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